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What Is Cut Make Trim?

Cut Make Trim (CMT) is a manufacturing process in which the garment manufacturer is accountable for cutting the fabric, assembling garment pieces, and conducting essential stitching and sewing operations. This term generally pertains to a collaborative working model or manufacturing arrangement with a manufacturer, where the client supplies the fabric and design specifications, while the manufacturer handles the production process. In essence, CMT focuses on the core manufacturing stages of cutting, making, and trimming the garment, leaving the sourcing and supply of materials to the client.

The Cut Make Trim (CMT) collaboration model allows clients to have greater control over the procurement and quality of materials, providing them with more customization and flexibility in selecting materials that align with their brand vision.

Is CMT Manufacturing The Best Choice For My Business?

If you want to have more precise control over the entire clothing manufacturing process, without a doubt, the CMT manufacturing collaboration model is your preferred choice for your business.

However, before you make a decision to choose the CMT production model, it is important to have a certain understanding of its advantages and disadvantages. No collaboration model is perfect, and you need to make trade-offs.

Advantages of CMT Manufacturing

Some brands have a sufficient clothing design team and prefer to handle the development of styles and production of samples themselves. This includes fabric procurement, as it contributes to their ability to create better fashion designs. By keeping the work centered around the brand, outsourcing unrelated tasks becomes a favorable operational strategy for the company.

Brands need an experienced clothing factory to conduct large-scale production based on existing samples, utilizing the design packs and fabrics provided by the brand. Typically, this is achieved through contract orders with a primary focus on processing fees, and the minimum order quantity is usually substantial. Such an arrangement is beneficial for clothing brands with a significant sales volume.

For enterprises or brands that specialize in outsourcing cutting and sewing work (CMT production), there will be greater room for exploration and possibilities. This production method allows companies to collaborate flexibly and adapt to the diverse needs of customers. By outsourcing the cutting and sewing work, companies can focus on other key areas such as design, marketing, and brand development. Additionally, outsourcing brings higher efficiency, cost control, and the ability to adjust production scale flexibly. This not only expands the customer base but also makes the company’s operations more agile.

Drawbacks of CMT Manufacturing

Let’s discuss the drawbacks of CMT manufacturing, as it may not be as ideal as imagined. It requires a certain level of expertise and experience in managing the business operations. The responsible person must have a thorough understanding of the entire clothing manufacturing process and handle fabric procurement themselves.

This necessitates allocating additional manpower and costs to manage the procurement process. Additionally, you need to have a good understanding of various fabrics to handle unforeseen situations. Clients bear the responsibility of sourcing and supplying materials, which can be time-consuming and require extra logistical work. This can add complexity to the production process, especially if the client lacks experience in material procurement.

It’s not uncommon for brand owners to have insufficient knowledge of fabrics, resulting in mismatched styles that can easily damage the finished garments, requiring rework.

Even experienced wholesalers who attempt to source fabrics themselves may encounter production delays and other issues due to insufficient focus on fabric management.

The photo showcases our garment sewing workshop, which includes two working teams.

Supply Chain Solutions: CMT

If you wish to provide your own tech packs and fabrics, BBK STAR will offer you CMT (Cut Make Trim) manufacturing services.

 Fabric Procurement Consultation

During our collaboration, we will offer fabric selection advice and recommend purchasing channels for you.

Transport solutions

We provide three different transportation solutions for our clients during our collaboration.

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