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BBK STAR offers small-batch clothing production services, empowering emerging brands and startups.

Small Batch Production

What is small-batch production? It varies across industries and manufacturers. Batch production refers to the manufacturing process in which manufacturers or workshops produce a complete set of products or components with identical quality, structure, and manufacturing methods within a specific period. On the other hand, small-batch production specifically refers to the production of a relatively smaller quantity of products within a single batch.

This means that in certain industries, quantities below 100 may be considered small, while in others, even 1000 units can be classified as small-batch production.

Small Batch Clothing Manufacturing

In the clothing manufacturing industry, small-batch production is commonly referred to as small orders, which generally denotes a lower minimum order quantity (MOQ), also known as a low MOQ. This implies that manufacturers are willing to commence production with quantities below the market’s MOQ requirement, even for new customers. This flexibility enables small-scale or emerging brands to enter the market with smaller volumes and gradually expand their production scale.

Whether it’s emerging brands or retailers/wholesalers planning to enter the clothing sales industry, they are hesitant to allocate excessive budgets for bulk production when they lack sufficient confidence in the market prospects. Overproduction poses inventory risks and hampers cash flow.

By entering the market with smaller-scale product orders, these businesses can mitigate risks and costs while gradually testing and validating market responses. This small-batch production strategy provides greater flexibility for companies to make adjustments and improvements based on demand. As market demand grows and positive feedback accumulates, these businesses can gradually expand their production scale to meet larger orders.

BBKSTAR offers flexible Low MOQ requirements

You might be in search of a suitable low MOQ manufacturer, but the underlying issue is how to reduce production costs. Clothing production costs can be attributed to three main sources: tech pack, fabric sourcing, and cutting and sewing processes.

Due to the variation in fabrics used by different clients, having a very low MOQ can lead to fabric wastage, which is one of the primary reasons why MOQ needs to be sufficiently high.

Furthermore, if the order quantity is too small, the fees charged for cutting and sewing processes may not cover the labor costs for manufacturers.

We are willing to negotiate a mutually beneficial partnership with emerging brands and startups.

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