Quanzhou BBK STAR LLC is a Chinese clothing manufacturer that was established in 2009. We are a clothing company that integrates design, production, and overseas trade. The company operates a 2000-square-meter factory and employs 50 skilled workers. Our factory, spanning 2000 square meters, is staffed by 50 skilled workers, and we have an annual production output valued at $3 million.

ODM & OEM Clothing Manufacturer

We have collaborated with numerous clothing brands and wholesalers, including Zannier Group (France), Carodel (Belgium), Coveri (Italy), 2 ZERO GROUP (Australia), COPONAT (France), Gaia Organic, and established friendly business relationships. We have also worked with renowned enterprises such as Cotton (Australia), Family Seat (Canada), Mini Vanilla (United Kingdom), and others.

Baby Clothing Manufacturers For Startups

In addition to mass-producing clothing for other companies, we primarily focus on the design and production of infant and toddler apparel. If you are starting your own children’s brand and seeking a clothing factory in Asia to complete your supply chain, we are one of your best choices.

Our enterprise vision is to provide families with comfortable, healthy, and convenient baby clothing without sacrificing style. 

The building where BBK Star is located

BBKSTAR Factory Video Showcase

For our first-time website visitors, we have created a series of short videos that provide an authentic glimpse into the world of BBKSTAR. Our aim is to give you a true representation of who we are and what we offer.

The first video showcases our sewing workshop, where our skilled workers are diligently sewing garments. Our workshop can accommodate over 50 people for clothing stitching.
We have a fabric cutting studio equipped with professional production tools for bulk fabric cutting. In the video, our skilled technicians can be seen cutting fabrics with precision and expertise.
The first order our customers typically place when working with us is a sample order. For clothing samples, if you can provide design drawings, we will entrust them to our skilled pattern makers and sample production team to create the prototypes and produce the samples.
Our workers are conducting the final quality inspection and cleaning of the finished garments that are being prepared for packaging. We have dedicated processes in place to ensure the quality of the garments before they are shipped, including several quality checks for the garments that are ready for delivery.
We have prepared a panoramic video of our factory floor to provide you with an overall understanding of our facilities.

Who BBK STAR Are Suitable For

If you are searching for a suitable and high-quality clothing manufacturer for your brand on B2B platforms like Alibaba, planning to open an Amazon clothing store, preparing to sell clothing on your own website, or creating a new line of branded apparel, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about BBK STAR. We can be your ideal choice for your wholesale business, serving as a strong backbone for your brand’s clothing supply chain. Contact us now to explore how we can collaborate and support your business needs.

Our Production Team

A large quantity of baby clothing fabrics stored in the workshop.
Workers are cutting fabrics for baby clothing.
Workers are sewing baby clothing in the workshop.
Workers are using machines to attach snaps to baby clothing.
Attach Snaps
Workers are continuing to sew baby clothing in the workshop.
Workers are inspecting the quality of baby clothing.
Workers are packaging baby clothing.
The finished samples are stored in the warehouse
Finished Product
Baby clothing is stored in cartons for shipping.
Carton Storage

2023 Material Certification

We actively support sustainable clothing brands and ensure that all the fabrics we procure are certified.


Who Works With Us

Our business partner: Fayfaire
Our business partner: FN-Group
Our business partner: Grup-Zannier
Our business partner: Jackybaby
Our business partner: Mothercare
Our business partner: NL-GROUP

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