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How to get a clothing sample made?

Many individuals who plan to create a clothing brand or venture into the clothing business often encounter a common question: How can I turn my ideas into tangible products? This question is typically posed by inexperienced newcomers in the fashion industry, leading them to search for manufacturers specialized in producing samples. This may seem like a peculiar requirement since all clothing manufacturers are capable of producing samples. Only a small number of fashion design studios solely focus on sample production.

Therefore, you will come across an interesting phenomenon when searching for clothing sample manufacturers. Instead of finding the websites of manufacturers on the first page of search results, you will find pages that teach you how to find manufacturers or how to produce samples.

This indicates that these newcomers who have just entered the clothing manufacturing industry need more than just a clothing manufacturer. They require a guide that provides a detailed tutorial on the entire process, and that is precisely why this guide came into existence.

Interpret your desires

First and foremost, this step is crucial. You need to have your own ideas about one or multiple garments. What style are they? Hoodies, jackets, or T-shirts? What fabrics will they be made of, and what design elements will they incorporate? This requires you to have a clear vision and a fashion design concept of your own. You can simply make a sketch or make a beautiful mockup.

Experienced brand owners often provide their own clothing tech packs or prepare a collection of clothing style images for manufacturers to reference. This helps to improve collaboration efficiency. However, if you prefer to provide a verbal description only, that is also acceptable. We can assist you in creating a simple prototype requirement document based on your description.

Requirement Document: It is usually a sketch or a drawing that annotates design details, or a list that outlines all the requirements.

What is a Clothing Mockup?

Clothing mockups are a visual representation of a clothing design that showcases the expected appearance and style of the garment. It allows designers to create a realistic preview of the final product’s look before proceeding with production. Typically, it refers to a virtual model created in the form of images or digitally, used to showcase the visual concept and style of the design without involving actual physical production.

What is a Clothing Wireframe?

Wireframes utilize simple lines and outlines to depict the basic shape and structure of a garment. They help designers visualize and communicate the overall outline, proportion, and positioning of different parts of the clothing. They are commonly used in the process of creating paper patterns.

What is a Clothing Pattern?

Clothing patterns refer to templates that outline the shapes and dimensions of each clothing component. They contain the necessary information for cutting and sewing fabric pieces. These patterns are created using software on a computer, where the corresponding wireframe sketches are drawn. Once completed, the patterns are printed onto cardboard using specialized machines and serve as a reference for cutting and sewing fabric pieces.

What is a Clothing Prototype?

Clothes Prototypes, also known as a sample, are a physical representation of a garment created to test and evaluate the design before mass production. It is typically constructed using the intended fabrics and materials specified in the tech pack or design document. Prototypes provide an opportunity for adjustments and refinements to ensure the final product meets the desired standards and aligns with the intended design concept. They play a crucial role in the clothing development and production process.

Clothing Design Sketch File: Design sketches typically include detailed designs, fabric references, style references, and more.
Design sketches typically include detailed designs, fabric references, style references, and more.

Fabric and Accessories Selection

After you have organized your requirements into a document, we need to verify the materials for your samples, which include the fabrics and accessories used in production. Some brand owners and designers have a very clear vision of what they want, and we are responsible for assisting them with procurement.

If you are unfamiliar with the fabrics and other accessories needed for sample production, there’s no need to worry. Our sales consultants, who are experts in garment manufacturing, will guide you and offer recommendations.

In addition to fabrics with unique patterns, it is often necessary to choose colors based on existing market color cards or provide specific color codes. If you are unfamiliar with this process, we are happy to offer you a complimentary booklet of color swatches, which includes fabric samples. This will help you make your selection using these samples.

Each fabric will have a color swatch booklet
Each fabric will have a color swatch booklet.

Create a tech pack and Pattern-Making

Once you place an order, we will begin preparing the tech pack, which includes design details, size specifications, fabrics and materials, and manufacturing instructions. If samples need to be produced, the tech pack may also include specific requirements such as sample quantities, colors, size variations, and other relevant details.

We will translate your ideas into design sketches and requirements documents, as described earlier. We will then verify these documents with you, confirming the desired fabric, colors, design details, and any additional supplementary instructions.

To assist in the production process, we will also need to convert these sketches and requirements documents into more professional “Spec Sheets” and wireframe designs, providing detailed descriptions and measurements for each component of the garment. These documents are part of the tech pack. Subsequently, we will print them as paper patterns to assist in the fabric-cutting process.

The photo showcases a technical specification for a clothing design.
The photo showcases a technical specification for a clothing design.

Before proceeding with fabric cutting, we will consult with you to review and confirm the specifications outlined in the tech pack. This collaborative process may involve multiple rounds of revisions to ensure accuracy and alignment with your requirements.

sewing garment prototypes

Finally we have come to the last stage, when we have prepared the fabrics and trims needed for the tech packs and samples. We will make paper patterns according to the wireframes in the tech packs, then start cutting the fabrics. The cut fabrics will be handed to skilled technicians to sew into garment prototypes. The quantity of samples produced is decided by the customer’s preference.

After the samples are completed, we will ship them to the customer for final confirmation. Sometimes clients change their minds halfway, who knows? When the customer confirms the sample is what they want, we will mark that sample’s tech pack as “pre-production sample”.

Ultimately when the customer places bulk orders, we will produce in bulk according to the “pre-production sample”. If any adjustments or modifications are needed, we will consult the customer and make necessary changes. This iteration process will continue until the customer is satisfied with the sample.

BBK SATR Clothing Sample Making Service

Plate-making using CAD or paper-based techniques.
Plate-making using CAD or paper-based techniques.


We provide high-quality Paper Pattern-Making services to offer precise size and structure templates for your designs. Our professional team will take accurate measurements and create templates according to your design sketches and requirements to ensure the best possible implementation of your designs. Our Pattern-Making service is a key step in producing high-quality garments and sets the foundation for the success of your brand.

Experienced master tailors are making sample garments.
Experienced master tailors are making sample garments.


We offer efficient and responsive Sample-Making services that help you quickly turn your designs into physical samples. Using the latest technology and equipment, we produce high-quality garment samples based on your specifications. Our Sample-Making service allows you to test the market and validate your designs in the shortest time possible, preparing you for success before your products hit the market. Work with us and transform your designs into successful products with confidence.

Clothing Sample Delivery Lead Time

Existing Samples

1-2 working days.

Blank Templates

3-5 working days.

Custom Sample

7-10 working days.

Developing New Samples

consult our experts.


If you’re looking for a clothing sample manufacturer or maker for the first time, it’s completely normal to have questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

Our company uses a variety of materials for making samples, depending on the client’s specifications and requirements. We have a wide range of fabrics, trims, and accessories available to choose from, and we can also source specific materials upon request.

Yes, we offer sample revisions and adjustments to ensure that the final product meets the client’s requirements. We encourage open communication throughout the sample-making process to ensure that any modifications, refinements, and improvements are made promptly.

We do not have a specific minimum order quantity for sample-making services, as we understand that clients may require a different number of samples depending on their needs.

The cost of sample-making services can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the number of revisions required. We provide transparent pricing and work with clients to find a cost-effective solution that meets their budget and quality requirements. Typically, we provide a detailed quotation based on the customer’s requested fabric, style, and the recommended number of samples.

We will sign the NDA with your team to ensure the security of the designs, and to protect your copyright and confidential design information.

Sample size clothing refers to the standardized sizes of garments that are used for initial production samples in the fashion industry. These sizes are typically used by designers and manufacturers to create prototypes and showcase their designs before mass production. Sample sizes are often smaller or larger than regular retail sizes and are based on industry standards. They are commonly used for fittings, photography, and promotional purposes.

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