Custom Clothing Packaging Bags

We Provide Diversified Custom Packaging Services For Partners, Tailoring Packaging Bags With Different Themes Based On Your Needs To Enhance Your Brand Image.

BBK Star Custom Clothing Packaging Bag Types

We offer various custom packaging options, from practical and straightforward to premium customization, meeting the needs of different positioning. Please choose suitable packaging as per your marketing strategy, which helps enhance customers’ overall impression and affinity towards your brand.

most partners like: Gift Baskets Packaging

Clear Bags Packaging

Clear plastic bags allow customers to fully view the clothing items before purchasing. They are cost-effective, reusable, and great for e-commerce fulfillment. However, they provide minimal protection and branding opportunities.

most partners like: Paper Boxes Packaging

Paper Boxes Packaging

Paper boxes are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. They provide cushioning, protection from impact and crushing. Customizable designs can help boost your brand visibility. However, they have limited moisture resistance and durability.

most partners like: Woven Bags Packaging

Woven Bags Packaging

Woven bags made from natural fibers like cotton and jute are sustainable, affordable, and have good moisture resistance. They can be customized with your branding. However, they have less impact protection compared to rigid boxes.

Hanger Packaging

Hanger Packaging is an affordable and practical way to store and display garments. It protects clothes during transportation and storage while making it easier for customers to select items. The branding space on hangers can improve the brand image.

Reusable Bags Packaging

Reusable Bags Packaging

Reusable bags made from recycled materials offer a sustainable packaging solution while providing protection and branding space. They are durable and can be reused many times, reducing waste. However, they have limited moisture resistance.

Gift Baskets Packaging

Gift Baskets Packaging

Gift baskets undeniably provide a premium experience for customers but they require significantly more material and labor costs. They help create an emotional connection with customers. However, they have limited durability and protection capability.


If it’s your first time choosing custom clothing packaging for your own brand, the variety of bag types available can raise questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

For online sellers of baby clothing, we recommend general plastic bags. They are cost-effective and customizable with barcodes, zippers, and hang loops, and the transparent material helps display the garments well.

In fact, many of our customers who started on Amazon or independent stores still use clear plastic bags to package their products even after their business grows. Flat polybag packing is the most popular packing way.

For retailers with physical stores, you can choose hanger packaging and fabric bags that can be hung on store displays and racks. The packaging can be designed attractively with your brand name or logo to promote your store.

For department stores and brand-focused customers, paper boxes or gift boxes are suitable options. Premium packaging can elevate your brand image. Paper boxes are good for showcasing your brand while gift boxes are mostly used for gifting purposes and see less usage in general. For eco-conscious businesses, we also offer packaging bags made of recyclable materials.

In summary, it always considers your brand personality and intended use case when choosing the most suitable packaging solution.

The majority of our clients prefer clear plastic bags in various designs. Some customers use woven bags. Only a select few clients with special requirements choose other types of packaging.

Yes, our eco-friendly packaging is biodegradable. We understand that certain regions have implemented plastic reduction policies, and we offer eco-friendly services to cater to these regions.

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