Apparel Manufacturing Solutions

BBK STAR Offers Comprehensive Apparel Manufacturing Solutions For Your Fashion Brand, Empowering Your Business To Thrive.

Private Label Clothing

We offer highly customized manufacturing solutions for our clients, including personalized designs, exclusive brand identification, flexible business collaboration models, and support for sustainable production. Our aim is to help shape a unique brand image.


White Label Clothing

We offer validated high-quality designs and white-label products with a focus on market effectiveness. This solution is particularly suitable for brands that prioritize the highest quality standards without the need for customization. It helps new brands minimize risks to the maximum when entering a competitive market.


Full Package Production

We provide end-to-end supply chain solutions, covering everything from raw material procurement and production to delivery. Our one-stop service ensures efficient and high-quality clothing manufacturing for our customers.


Clothing Sample Making

We have a professional production team committed to ensuring that the samples accurately reflect your brand’s design intent. We assist in validating the feasibility of bringing the designs to the market and conduct product quality inspections before proceeding with mass production.


Cut Make Trim

We provide flexible solutions for brands or suppliers with specific requirements in clothing design and production control. You have the option to handle independent design and fabric procurement while entrusting the remaining tasks to us.


Small Batch Production

We offer flexible solutions for start-up brands or clients with limited production needs, ensuring quality and timely delivery for small-batch production. Our goal is to enable you to quickly enter the market with confidence.


Clothing Dropshipping

Through efficient supply chain management and logistics systems, we assist clients in reducing inventory and operational costs, allowing them to focus on sales and marketing efforts.


Testing and Certification

We conduct rigorous testing to assist in various certification processes, helping brands or companies obtain qualification certifications. This ensures compliance with relevant regulations and platform standards, ultimately enhancing product quality and brand reputation.


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