Cut and Sew Manufacturer

Broaden Business Choices And Give More Potential To Your Brand. Focus On Design, Leave The Fabric To Us While We Handle The Rest( Not Just Cut & Sew ).

Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturer

As a cut-and-sew manufacturer, we are your outsourced sewing partner focusing solely on cutting and sewing your products. Our work mainly involves sample making and mass production according to your designs. You need to take charge of purchasing and supplying the necessary materials like fabrics and accessories and deliver them to our factory for production.

We primarily offer cutting and sewing services for babywear, kidswear, and adult apparel made from knitted and woven fabrics. We have the full capability of packaging and delivery, providing a one-stop solution from order to delivery – a truly one-stop service.

While we are a full-service apparel maker with abundant experience and premium equipment, able to offer end-to-end apparel manufacturing for you, if you are now in need of engaging us as a cut-and-sew manufacturer (sewing subcontractor), you don’t have to seek other partners. We can provide all, regardless of whether you want to independently handle material sourcing and packaging shipping, or you only want to be in charge of part of the business, we can deliver flexible offerings to satisfy your demands.

Process: Design and Pattern-making
Process: Cutting Fabric
Process: Sewing Fabric

Why choose our cut and sew garment solutions?

You don’t need to be an expert in apparel manufacturing to start or expand your own clothing line. If you have great design ideas for clothing, even with a limited budget, you can make it happen. With our assistance, you simply need to provide us with basic sketches or references for your product concepts, and we’ll handle the rest of the design process as well as the cutting and sewing.

You can flexibly manage the overall business process and provide us with your feedback and preferences to help us create perfect products. Technical details can be difficult to determine and implement, but that’s our goal. We recognize that resource-constrained small and medium enterprises need more customized solutions:

Control over materials – within set budgets.
Flexibility in product design – to meet specific needs.
Collaborative partnerships – that give you a say in the process.
Precision patternmaking and marker making – within agreed schedules and budgets.
Prototype design and sampling – that meets technical specifications and fits requirements.
Consultation, marketing, organization, and execution – that facilitates the growth of your brand.

Win-win collaboration


If you’re looking for a cut and sew manufacturer or sew factory for the first time, it’s completely normal to have questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

Because cut and sew services are customized by nature, we cannot give a one-size-fits-all answer. The best place to start is by connecting with our experts.

They will review your specific requirements, ask the right questions to understand your needs and visions, then recommend options tailored to your business and budget. Together, we can determine the exact specifications and outlines to get your production started in the right direction.

The production process involves many design and technical decisions, so it’s essential to work closely with experienced professionals from the beginning. Connecting with us is the first step to fleshing out your concept and transforming it into high-quality garments that match your specifications.

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