Bamboo Vs Cotton: Which Is Better

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Recent years, bamboo fabric has become one of the popular materials for clothing. It is well-known that bamboo fabric is extra soft, breathable, and durable. However, people have been using cotton fabric for clothing for over 3000 years, making it the most widely used material. You might be wondering about the true differences between these two fabrics and how to choose the fabric when designing your clothing. That is why we will take a closer look at the basic factors of clothing made from bamboo versus cotton. We will compare them in terms of comfort, durability, value and cost, and sustainability.
Comparing FactorsBambooCotton
Which is softer bamboo or cotton?x
Is bamboo as breathable as cotton?x
Is bamboo warmer than cotton?x
Is bamboo cooler to wear compared to cotton?x
Is bamboo more eco friendly than cotton?
Is bamboo more absorbent than cotton?x
Is bamboo fabric cheaper than cotton?x
Is bamboo clothes more value than cotton?x
Which is more comfortable, bamboo clothing or cotton? x
Is bamboo good for sportswearx
Is bamboo clothing good for eczema?x
Is bamboo really antibacterial?x
Which wrinkles less, bamboo or cotton?x
Which will last longer, bamboo clothes or cotton?
Does bamboo shrink in the dryer?x
Can you iron bamboo?
Can you machine wash bamboo?
Which is better, elasticity and flexibility?x
Will bamboo biodegrade?x
Is bamboo or cotton more sustainable to growx

Which is softer bamboo or cotton?

Bamboo is an ultra-soft fabric. The fabric surface looks like satin, but the hand touch feels softer than cotton.

Is bamboo as breathable as cotton?

Bamboo fabric offers excellent ventilation due to microscopic holes in the bamboo fiber, making it much more breathable than cotton.

Is bamboo warmer than cotton?

On cold days, bamboo clothes keep you warmer than cotton due to the bamboo’s cross-sectional fibers that help retain heat.

Is bamboo cooler to wear compared to cotton?

Bamboo keeps you cooler than cotton on hot summer days because the bamboo fiber has a cooling effect.

Is bamboo more eco friendly than cotton?

Is cotton or bamboo more sustainable? To simplify, let’s compare them based on the plant itself. Bamboo is sourced from a natural environment and grows rapidly, while cotton requires cultivation by farmers. Therefore, we can say that bamboo is a more sustainable material. However, when considering fabric processing, it’s worth noting that most bamboo clothes are made from bamboo rayon, which involves a chemically intensive process to break down the bamboo stalk into pulp before it can be woven into fabric. Both regular cotton and rayon bamboo are classified as E grade in the Made-By Environmental Benchmark for Fibres, indicating that neither fabric is environmentally friendly or sustainable. However, if we consider sustainable raw materials, both organic cotton and bamboo fiber are viable options.

Is bamboo more absorbent than cotton?

Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, as it can absorb up to three times its weight in water. This property makes it ideal for bathing and underwear items.

Is bamboo fabric cheaper than cotton?

Bamboo is usually more expensive than regular cotton, primarily due to the processing involved in making bamboo fabric and its less widespread usage compared to cotton. Cotton fabric textiles are generally more cost-effective, making them the most widely used fabric for clothing.

Is bamboo clothes more value than cotton?

Cotton clothing can be mass-produced at low costs, which helps keep prices down. However, when considering long-term value and not just the initial cost, one may choose to buy clothing made from bamboo instead. Bamboo fabric, specifically viscose from bamboo, offers durability, allowing it to remain wearable and retain its appearance long after you would have had to replace a cheaper cotton version. Over time, opting for high-quality apparel made from bamboo can save you money, as bamboo clothes provide more value in terms of comfort and versatility.

Which is more comfortable, bamboo clothing or cotton?

Without a doubt, bamboo clothes feel better than cotton and are far more comfortable. The material is softer than cotton, slightly more stretchy, and has a pleasant touch on your skin.

Is bamboo good for sportswear

Bamboo clothes don’t chafe when you exercise, making them perfect for sportswear. Additionally, bamboo fabric hangs smoothly on your skin, is breathable, and has moisture-wicking properties, making it one of the best fabrics for sports clothes.

Is bamboo clothing good for eczema?

Yes, bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those with eczema or sensitive skin. Individuals with sensitive skin should also look out for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which ensures that the fabric is free from traces of heavy metals.

Is bamboo really antibacterial?

When it comes to bamboo vs cotton, bamboo is the clear winner in terms of odor prevention. While there are debates about whether bamboo retains its antibacterial properties through the production process, there is enough evidence to suggest that bamboo does keep garments fresher for longer compared to cotton.

Which wrinkles less, bamboo or cotton?

Due to the natural flexibility of the fiber, bamboo is able to spring back to its original shape and helps prevent wrinkles. However, fabrics like flax linen, which resemble bamboo, may wrinkle more easily.

Which will last longer, bamboo clothes or cotton?

Both fabrics are strong and can last for years if you maintain your clothes correctly. To make your clothes last longer, it is advisable to follow basic rules such as washing them on a lower heat, washing them less frequently, and reducing ironing.

Does bamboo shrink in the dryer?

A tumble dryer can shrink bamboo shirts and clothes, so it is advisable to avoid tumble drying bamboo clothing if possible. Manufacturers often allow for 2%-3% shrinkage after purchase. We recommend washing bamboo clothing on a cool or 30-degree wash and leaving it to line dry. It is best to follow the care instructions on the garment’s label.

Can you iron bamboo?

Yes, you can iron bamboo as well as cotton. However, it’s worth noting that 60-80% of a garment’s lifetime energy consumption occurs after it has been made. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly to opt for line drying instead of ironing.

Can you machine wash bamboo?

Yes, you can machine wash bamboo clothes. However, like many fabrics, bamboo can shrink if washed at too high a temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to wash bamboo clothing on a cooler cycle of 30 degrees or less.

Which is better, elasticity and flexibility?

Bamboo has excellent stretch and a high degree of flexibility within its fibers, making it the perfect choice for more active use.

Will bamboo biodegrade?

Both 100% pure bamboo and 100% pure cotton will biodegrade. Under ideal conditions, bamboo can biodegrade in just under 1 year, while cotton may take around half that time.

Which is more sustainable to grow, bamboo or cotton?

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable plant to grow. It requires less water than cotton, produces much higher crop yields per hectare, and bamboo doesn’t require chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides to thrive.


When it comes to personal choices in clothing, two factors play a crucial role: comfort and personal style. As a brand, while you cannot dictate what individual buyers should wear, you can provide valuable guidance. If you aim to offer products with unparalleled quality, breathability, durability, and value, bamboo fabric emerges as the ideal choice. Its remarkable softness and sustainability are just a few reasons why incorporating bamboo clothing into your brand’s offerings can be highly beneficial. By providing customers with the option to experience the unique benefits of bamboo fabric, you can attract eco-conscious consumers and showcase your commitment to providing both comfort and style.

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