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With the rise of custom-patterned kids’ clothes, baby clothing has become a global phenomenon from a simple necessity. Personalized baby clothing is one of the fastest-expanding and most important clothing sectors. Blank clothing styles are the basic foundation for producing a wide range of designs for newborns and toddlers.

BBK Star knows how to keep babies and kids stylish. Simple is fashionable, and you are free to create new designs based on blank clothing. Solid color clothing has come a long way since it consisted of little more than hand-me-down clothes and necessary items. Today, with ever-greater consumer choice, there is a whole new range of blank clothing options for free personalized style clothing products, catering to every imaginable space. Simply put, when it comes to customized baby clothes, the blank design is the beginning.

Top Picks

We continually strive to bring you the best selection of wholesale blank clothing. We also realize that your line cannot thrive on wholesale solid-color clothes alone. For that reason, we offer a huge selection of wholesale blank apparel, including Growing Sizes Blank Clothes Packs, Varied Colors Blank Clothes Packs, and custom blank clothing to supplement your brand. From blank onesies, rompers, t-shirts, hoodies, outfits, and tank tops, we have full lines of blank apparel to fit all of your design needs.

Plain T-shirt

Plain T-shirts are always in high demand, and they can be worn by babies of all ages. They are available in tank tops, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve styles to accommodate different seasons. The neckline options range from crew neck and O neck to V-neck. For infants under 24 months, the neckline can be made with shoulder snap buttons for easier fitting.

We offer a wide range of options, including 0-12 months sizes packs, various colors shirt packs to match mommy requests, and materials such as cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo, all of which meet Oeko-text standards and are friendly to baby skin. We provide sizes ranging from 0-24 months for babies, as well as 2T-8T for toddlers and sizes over 10 years for kids. You are welcome to customize the blank shirt’s size, color, and style with low minimum order quantities.

Plain T-shirt O neck
Plain t-shirt V-neck
plain modal shirt
Plain kimono shirt
long sleeve shirt pack

Solid Color Baby Bodysuit

Perhaps the most essential item parents need for their babies is blank onesies. Blank baby bodysuits are available in an envelope neck design and kimono bodysuit for comfort and adaptability. Solid color bodysuits allow for flexibility and comfort as babies grow and gain mobility, and they are designed with snap closures at the bottom to make diaper changes easier. They also double as baby sleepwear, making them one of the most basic items for every baby.

Materials can include cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo, all of which meet Oeko-text standards and are gentle on baby skin. Styles can include blank baby kimonos, solid infant onesies, and toddler blank bodysuits. We highly recommend our Grow blank bodysuit pack, which includes different colors of plain onesies for babies aged 0-12 months, meeting all parents’ needs to match with other baby clothes.

You are free to customize the blank onesie’s size, color, and style with low minimum order quantities to fulfill any custom request.

Solid Color bodysuit sleeveless
Solid Color bodysuit kimono
Solid Color bodysuit girl collar neck
Solid Color bodysuit bamboo Short Sleeve
Solid Color bodysuit bamboo Long Sleeve
Solid Color bodysuit kimono set

Plain Color Infant Romper

Baby rompers are always popular among parents and are widely used as outfits and sleepwear for babies. Blank baby rompers are available with snap or zipper closures for comfort and convenience. They allow for flexibility as babies gain mobility, and they are designed with zipper or snap openings on the rear for easy diaper changes. Plain infant rompers are also basic items for every baby’s sleepwear.

Materials such as cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo are all available, and they meet Oeko-text standards and are gentle on baby skin. Design options include short-style plain jumpsuits for summer and long-sleeved solid all-in-one pieces for autumn. We also welcome fully customized orders for blank rompers, including size, color, and style, with low minimum order quantities.

Plain romper sleeveless zip up
Plain romper short sleeves zip up
Plain romper long sleeves
Plain romper Long Sleeves button-up
Plain romper bamboo

Blank Toddler Hoodie

As we all know, hoodies are popular across all age groups, from babies to adults. Now, there is a rising trend in the toddler clothing world, and that is plain pullover hoodies. As babies grow into toddlers, parents look for new clothes that can offer the same level of comfort and snuggling, and solid-color hoodies are recommended. Parents know that blank pullover hoodies offer more flexibility for kids to move and explore the world around them, making them a huge market for customized pullover hoodies.

Our solid hoodies are made from cotton terry, terry with fleece inside the fabric, and all materials meet Oeko-text standards and are gentle on toddler skin. Design options include thin plain baby hoodies for autumn/spring and thick fleece-lined blank pullover hoodies for winter outfits. Additionally, you can create a fashion tracksuit set by making long pants with the same fabric.

We offer full customization options for your blank hoodie items, including size, color, fabric, and style, with low minimum order quantities.

Blank Toddler Hoodie
Blank hoodies fleece
Blank toddler hoody bear
Blank toddler hoody pocket
Blank toddler pullover


If you’re looking for a blank baby clothes manufacturer or supplier for the first time, it’s completely normal to have questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

For small business clients or small-scale sellers, we offer wholesale orders (also includes retail orders) and accept customization. For individual customers, we provide bulk packs and growth packs, which you can mix and match freely.

Bulk packs (combine color packs) consist of clothes that have the same style and size, but different colors. In contrast, growth packs consist of clothes that have the same color and style, but different sizes.

Some mothers choose to purchase bulk packs (combine color packs) of baby clothes for convenience, which consist of a series of clothes with the same style and size but different colors. We accept wholesale orders (also includes retail orders) and offer customization services for blank clothes. Additionally, some mothers may choose to purchase clothes of the same style and color but different sizes for taking photos and recording their baby’s growth journey. Growth packs are designed to meet this particular need.

We offer a low MOQ service. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for different products will vary depending on the level of difficulty involved in customization.

Learn more about low MOQ services.

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