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We Are A Baby Bed Accessories Manufacturer Specializing In Fabric Accessories For Baby Cots And Cribs, And We Prioritize Safe Sleep For Babies.

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Baby’s Sleep Safety

As a manufacturer of baby items, we understand that parents want their little ones to sleep peacefully and safely. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a heartbreaking tragedy that can occur due to sleep-related causes, so it’s important for all people to take action in reducing the risk of SIDS. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reviews all infant deaths related to sleep and provides recommendations on how to reduce these risks while ensuring suitable bedding for babies. That’s why our team has decided to take action.

What Can We Do For You

We cover the full process of creating cot bed accessories to help your baby sleep better. Our sales group is always available to share our thoughts with you and help you find all the baby accessories you need. Our sample team can create cot item samples based on your design ideas or reference photos, and our powerful production team can quickly turn your customized baby crib items into bulk orders.

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Full Custom

We specialize in producing a wide range of baby products, from clothing to cot accessories. With our one-stop custom design services, you can personalize every aspect of your baby item, including color, size, style, graphics, label, and packing.

Safe Baby Products

We always prioritize safety when it comes to baby products, and our fabric materials are certified by GOTS and Oeko-text. We also help to process CPC and CPSIA lab testing, so you can confidently show your customers that your products meet the highest safety standards.

Full Support

We service baby bed accessories suppliers ranging from online sellers like Amazon to importers, wholesalers, distributors, and own-brand baby item companies. Here, you can always find what you are looking for when it comes to custom baby items.

Top Picks

It is BBK Star’s role to offer a variety of baby cot items and accessories to you. We are proud to partner with you in expanding the market for baby bedding and clothes.

Baby Cot Swaddle Wrap

For babies under 2 months old, a baby swaddle can be used. The swaddle can be made from materials such as cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo, which are all Oeko-text standard and gentle on the baby’s skin. The swaddle has multiple functions during the newborn stage, and can even be used as a feeding cover while outside. We typically offer sizes of 100x120cm and 120x120cm, but you can customize the size, color, and pattern based on your preferences.

Baby Crib Fitted Sheet

The pocket design of this flap cot sheet keeps the bed sheet secure, so babies of all ages can sleep safely. The sheet is available in cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo, all of which are Oeko-text standard and gentle on baby skin. We recommend the crib sheet, which is usually sized at 130x70x25cm, but you are free to customize the size, color, and pattern to suit your market.

Baby Security (Lovey) Blanket

Babies over 8 months old, may develop a sense of comfort from using a fixed comforter. The most popular type of comforter is a baby security blanket, which can be made from materials such as cotton, muslin, satin, and fleece, all of which are Oeko-text standard and gentle on the baby’s skin. The baby security blanket can also come with a teething ring and an animal head for added security. Mommy can even use it as a burp bib while babies are eating. We usually offer sizes of 30x30cm and 60x60cm, but you can customize the size, color, and pattern based on your preferences. (P.S. Some areas also refer to security blankets as comforter blankets, which are meant to be “a blanket used to comfort a baby.”)

Custom Pattern Cotton Blanket

After 2 months, babies begin to learn how to focus on images. To help attract their attention, we can use different printing patterns on the cot bed sheet and outside stroller blanket. We offer custom pattern services, where you can create lovely patterns on cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, fleece, or other materials for infant and toddler blankets using printing or embroidery techniques. These blankets can also be used on strollers when going outside, but please note that babies under 12 months old should not be covered with a blanket while sleeping as it is not safe. We offer sizes of 80x100cm, 90x100cm, 100x100cm, and 120x120cm, and you can customize the sizes as well.

Knitted Blanket For Cot & Crib

We understand that some parents prefer knitted blankets for their baby’s crib or stroller. These blankets can be knitted using different kinds of yarn, such as cotton, wool, or a blend of polyester and cotton, all of which are soft and warm for the baby. The yarn used is based on the Oeko-text standard. You can choose different thicknesses of yarn for the infant knitted blanket for usage in different seasons. We usually offer sizes of 100x100cm and 120x120cm for knitted baby blankets, but you can customize the pattern, size, and color of the blanket to your liking.

Muslin Blanket For Cot & Crib

Muslin fabric is a super soft material that is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for use on baby cot items. It is widely used in baby clothes and baby sleeping items, making the Cot Muslin blanket a popular choice for newborns as well as older babies as a cover blanket. The muslin fabric can come in double layers, 4 layers, and 6 layers for varying thicknesses, and babies can play or nap on the blanket. The Cot Muslin blanket is also well-absorbing and quick drying, making it useful for a baby’s bathing time. The Muslin blanket comes in a king size of 120x120cm, and you can customize the pattern and color to your liking.

Crib Micky Dot Comforter Blanket

Everyone loves the super soft feeling of Micky dot fabric, and here we introduce the double-layer crib baby blanket that babies can play on during the winter season. The front layer is made of Micky dot fabric, while the back layer is made of cotton fabric, making this blanket dual usage. The Micky dot fabric is made of polyester and follows international baby textile standards, making it suitable for use in baby clothes, bibs, and blankets. We make the Crib Micky dot blanket in sizes of 90x100cm, 100x100cm, 100x120cm, and 120x120cm, and you can customize the size, color, and pattern of the cotton layer to your liking.

Crib Baby Sleeping Bag

Parents may worry about their baby’s night sleep if they lay them on a cot-fitting sheet. In this case, different thicknesses of baby sleep sacks are recommended, including zipper way, sleeveless, and long sleeves design sleeping sacks, which allow babies to sleep freely on the bed. A 0.5tog sleep sack is suitable for summer, a 1.0tog sleep sack is suitable for a bedroom temperature of 21-23°C, and a 2.5tog or 3.5tog sleep sack is widely used in winter. We offer sizes of 0-6m, 6-18m, and 18-24m to fit different ages of babies. Baby sleeping sacks can come in different styles to match different baby usages, such as a wrap function sleeping sack for newborns, a sleeveless sleep sack for rolling up babies, and a fit sleep bag with legs and sleeves for easy play. The material can be cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, or fleece, all of which are baby standard and comfortable for babies. You are free to customize the designs, just share your custom thoughts with us and we can recommend styles for you. (P.S. We highly recommend the zippered crib sleeping bag as it is suitable for babies from 0-36 months.)

(P.S. The warmth of a sleeping bag is generally expressed in Tog, with higher values indicating greater warmth. )

1.0 tog sleep sack
2.5 tog sleep bag
0.5 tog sleep bag
3.5 tog sleep bag


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