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We Support The Production Of Hoodies, Offering A Wide Range Of Fabrics And Styles To Help Your Brand Discover Niches And Create Unique Products.

Hoodies Production Range

In the 1930s, workers in cold factories in the USA wore hoodies as their uniforms. Since the 1970s, hoodies have become a fashion staple and continue to be popular today. They are known for their comfort and versatility, making them a trendy and essential item in people’s wardrobes all around the world.

We provide bulk production services for children’s and adult clothing brands.

Create Your Own Hoodies Line

Hoodies are loved by individuals of all ages, from babies to adults. As a hoodie manufacturer, we offer various fabric options for pullover hoodies, including cotton, bamboo, cotton fleece and fleece lined with wool for added warmth. All materials comply with Oeko-text standards.

We provide fully customizable options to develop your fashionable hoodies, including size, color, prints, fabric choices, and styles (buttons, pockets, zippers, blanks, mix-and-match).


custom Hoodies

Blank Hoodies
Pocket Hoodies
Button-up Hoodies
Tracksuit Hoodies
Kids Hoodies Sweater


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How much does it cost to manufacture a hoodie?

The cost of manufacturing a hoodie depends on various factors such as fabric choice, design intricacy, size range, and garment type. Additionally, quantities ordered can also impact the cost per unit.

It is recommended to provide specific details and requirements to obtain an accurate cost estimate from bbkstar.com.

Which type of printing is most suitable for hoodies?

There are several printing options that work well for hoodies. Some popular choices include screen printing, heat transfer printing, and embroidery.

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